You’ve Made Things Worse, Come Out And RespondToThis Too – Captain Smart Slams Sarkodie

Ike Oppong
Ike Oppong
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The recent controversy surrounding actress and producer Yvonne Nelson’s memoir has taken an unexpected turn, with popular broadcaster Captain Smart criticizing rapper Sarkodie‘s response to the revelations made in the book. In an exclusive interview with TV3’s Urban Blend, Smart takes issue with the title of Sarkodie’s diss track, “Try Me”, and argues that daring a woman is unacceptable.

But what exactly did Sarkodie say in his response to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir? And why has his response been met with criticism? To find out, read the full article and gain a deeper understanding of the issues at play.

The controversy surrounding Yvonne’s book has been a major talking point in Ghana, and Sarkodie’s response has only added fuel to the fire. Smart’s comments have added a new dimension to the conversation, highlighting the importance of respecting women and avoiding undue pressure.

So, what will be the fallout from Smart’s comments? Will Sarkodie respond? And what impact will this have on the ongoing debate?

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