Not All Glitters Is Gold; After Leaving Angel To Follow Captain Smart To Onua, Appiah Kubi Is Back.

Ike Oppong
Ike Oppong
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Indeed as the old adage goes, ” Not all that glitters is gold”. After Onua TV poached Appiah Kubi to follow Captain Smart To media Generale, Appiah Kubi has made a u-turn back to Angel TV. Perhaps, he couldn’t get what he was expecting from Onua TV. The juicy endorsement of a contract from Onua TV has reportedly fallen down the drain.

A flyer shared by Angel TV welcomed Appiah Kubi back to his former station. What Appiah Kubi did has triggered many people to talk. While majority of people felt that Angel TV shouldn’t have accepted him back, there were those who welcomed him on the basis that they have missed him.

” This should be a lesson for everyone. This man followed Captain Smart To Onua. He couldn’t get what he was expecting. Don’t follow the masses. Be yourself because the soul of the chicken isn’t the same as that of a Turkey” One Kofi Amoateng Kumi reacted.

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