Ike Oppong
Ike Oppong
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As the NDC fraternity in UK/Ireland members goes to the polls to elect their Executives both in Ghana
and Diaspora for the next four(4) years . The electioneering atmosphere in the UK/Ireland Chapter has
been on the high heat and regarded as the most keenly contested elections in the history of the chapter
with four(4) contenders for the Chairmanship position .
The Chairmanship position became very hot when one Mr. Francis Kwesi Acquah ( a.k.a Sir Francis )
declared his intentions to contest . Chairman Acquah as populary called is an Aviation Expect and a
Tutor in the United Kingdom, an experienced politician with good track records of helping formed NDC
Branches in the UK ( Scotland , Sheffield etc ) and also played an instrumental role to get the first ever
NDC branch in France, and helping constituencies in western region. He also doubled as the Ex
Chairman of NDC Sheffield Branch.
Through his Campaign Co-ordinator Mr . Evans Darko , they are appealing to delegates to Vote Chairman
Kwesi Acquah as the next Chairman and reject the incumbent Chairman Aljhaji MBALBA and others.
For some reasons being that ;

  1. The current Chairman had performed abysmally, the once vibrant UK/Ireland Chapter where
    once our party flagbearer picked his campaign Manager has been reduced to a mere silence
  2. Inadequate branch to branch activities.
  3. Recruitment drive stalled and stoked of division among Executives,
  4. Disconnection between the Chapter and participation in national issues for the NDC .
  5. Chapter communication machinery to propagate NDC policies and promote the party is no more.
  6. Functioning of the NDC Professionals in UK/Ireland has been dormant !
    NB: We need to consolidate the expertise of members in a scientific and research perspective to help our
    great NDC Party.
    Considering the fact that ,the incumbent Chairman had failed to deliver to the members expectations,
    some of the delegates argued that historic data shows every successful Chairperson served one term and
    gives way for fresh competent person except our former health Minister , Hon. Alex Segbefia who served
    one and half year. The following Chair Persons served one term since 1993 , Mr . I. Tortor , Mr. Ekow
    Mends, Mr. Horice Ankra , Mr. Kofi Kwakye.
    Therefore, the current Chairman’s poor performance should not be rewarded a re-election.
    Finally, Chairman Acquah is inviting all and sundry to his virtual campaign launch on a time to outline
    his vision for the UK/Ireland Chapter and the NDC Diaspora , and copies will be release to the media .
    Vote Chairman Acquah , TogetherWeKAN
    By: Mr . Evans DARKO ,
    Campaign Co-ordinator
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