Divorce: Hiba Abouk Discovers Achraf Hakimi’s Mother Owns All His Assets

Ike Oppong
Ike Oppong
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 Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk are once again making headlines in the wake of their recently confirmed separation, with the latest reports claiming that Abouk will receive nothing from Hakimi’s fortune and assets as everything is registered under the Moroccan footballer’s mother’s name.

Abouk was requesting half of Hakimi’s property and wealth, the Spanish news outlet Marca reported today, stressing that she was shocked to discover that he has nothing to his name.

The same source detailed that Hakimi’s mother has been receiving his wages on her bank account for a while, adding that she is the beneficiary of his income and wealth.

Hakimi and Abouk’s split was rumored for many months before Abouk confirmed it last month. The Spanish-Tunisian actress took to instagram to announce that she and her husband are no longer living together while awaiting divorce proceedings.

“The reality is that a while ago, after a lot of reflection, the father of my children and I made the decision to end our relationship, long before the recent media events that have involved me, which are totally external,” Abouk said.

In the wake of rumors surrounding the couple’s separation, Hakimi has been embroiled in an alleged rape case. 

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On March 3, French prosecutors announced that they would be investigating alleged rape charges against Hakimi after a 24-year-old accused the footballer of raping her in his house in Paris while his wife and two sons were away on holiday.

Responding to the allegations, Hakimi’s mother, Saida Mouh, said that her son is innocent as he was well-brought-up.

The Moroccan international and PSG right-back is one of the most expensive players in Africa. In 2022, the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) featured the Moroccan player in its list of the 100 most expensive players in terms of his estimated transfer value.

Data published in 2022 by the football-focused news website GiveMeSport indicated that the PSG right-back is the sixth highest paid African footballer, earning more than $215 thousand per week.

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