We are a registered Ghanaian owned media company which operates in Paris, France. Bringing you breaking news from around the world of Sports, Entertainment and Current Affairs is our specialty. We also provide you the television experience as we analyse the news surrounding your favourite celebrity, sport and club.
Ever since we acquired a license to operate in 2016, our six years in media has put forth challenges which we have been able to surmount as a group and today, we pride ourselves in being one of the finest and fastest growing media houses in Europe and Africa. Boasting of a fanbase in the tens of thousands, our huge followership provides the perfect market for advertisers who would love to harness our huge numbers to put their goods and services out there for consumption.

With Adamfopa Media, you can be rest assured that whatever news we run has been well scrutinized by our well vetted team about its authenticity before It’s published and broadcasted to our readers, listeners and viewers. Our media house has submitted itself to the codes and ethics of international media regulations and we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy news outlet.

We also operate a subsidiary company called Adamfopa Services. Also, operating in Paris, Adamfopa Services is an import and export company which aims to bridge the gap between Africa and Europe when it comes to international trade. Adamfopa Services forte is dealing in the import and Export of consumables and electronic gadgets to and from Europe. We also import food products from Africa, particularly Ghana to Europe for Africans in the diaspora and Europeans who have developed an appetite for African cuisines.